current activities
Shimshon Halpern, J.D.

Shimshon Halpern is working with several high-tech start-ups to resolve legal IP and business issues arising in the development and marketing of their products. Halpern has helped bring a number of start-ups to maturity in recent years.

Halpern is also currently active in the defense of an American company against a major medical product liability claim. He has been working successfully defending foreign clients in this area for over 10 years.

Yitzchak Chamudot, LL.B.

Yitzchak Chamudot has been negotiating with several leading Israel hospitals regarding evaluation procedures and rules for new sophisticated medical imaging systems developed by one of our clients for sale to these hospitals. He is also working on a number of labor and shareholder issues for several clients.

Eli Halpern, LL.B.

Eli Halpern recently moderated and lectured at a day conference in Tel Aviv on real estate tax issues. The conference was attended by over 200 lawyers, appraisers and businessmen. This was the fourth conference in a series of conferences organized by Halpern in cooperation with the Law Offices of Tzvi Shub. Other lecturers included the leading professionals in the field.